Commercial Photographer & Video Producer Steven Poe

I create images and moving pictures for brands and businesses, who have communication objectives and problems to solve. The dedication and passion for my vocation is the same, from international campaigns to small local crowdfunding projects. I love the production process (You Dream, We Plan, I Deliver), and the people I’ve been fortunate to work with over the years in the photography and video business. Call me for a consultation, so you can get back to the really hard work.

On these links you can learn more about my many different business experiences, services I offer, and my years of experience as a commercial photographer and multimedia producer.

Senior Creative Director
– Visual brand development, production workflow design, team management.

Multimedia Producer
-Maximizing your ideas with my experience in producing video, animation, audio, and editing.

Stock Media Director
– Library development, online marketing, sales, licensing of stock media.

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