I am originally from New York. When I was young, I was moved to Brazil with my adopted family. In school and at home I was always told I had the wrong answer and had really bad grades.

It didn’t occur to me back then as a kid in school, but the thought that I would never amount to anything, really meant that I would never amount to anything doing things the way everybody’s always done them before.

Luckily I discovered photography in high school. With photography, for the first time, I was able to tell my story and get positive responses. Either I had a different way of looking at life, or saw things other people couldn’t see. While I wasn’t an academic superstar, I did have social recognition because of my visual musings.

At 17 years old I devised a plan to move from Brazil to the USA and go to Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara by myself. This started with working full time at a camera store during the day, and going to UNC Charlotte full time at night to get prerequisites for being accepted into Brooks Institute.

Suddenly I learned how when I have an enormous goal I can map out a path to achieve it.

Later in my career I found a couple guys at a car dealership that were dragging a camera in a circle around a car. On a bright sunny day they had drawn the circle on the hot parking lot pavement and put a car in the middle. The quality of their 360º animation was horrific, but they had 200 car dealerships signed up. I saw a great business opportunity and quickly got hired.

I mapped out a strategy, solutions, and budget to improve the quality of the three sixty car VR showrooms and scale the media production. The simplest solution to me was to put the car on a turntable and put it in a controlled environment. They had a great idea with traction. I just maximized it with my experience to make it visually engaging and big business with scalable media workflow systems.

This lead the company to become the world leader in it’s field and me being the second in command of the content strategy, with many years of financial and career successes.

What I learned is that whenever I’m shown the way it’s always been done is that I inevitably fail. My responses never follow a traditional ingrained path. My gift is to look at things in a completely different way. Not that I want to or strive to look at things differently. It’s just my innate strength.

This is why I like corporate communication and startups doing product launches so much. When I look at these groups, I see how the lack of visual brand alignment can really hurt the company in how they are perceived.

Bringing in a visual brand mapping coach to help map out these transmedia strategies for each of the different elements helps talk about, identify, and promote the brand story in a cohesive way, with the knowledge that emotions are core to humans in every aspect of life, and visual metaphors trigger emotions.

Just as I’ve done before I can be an integral mentor in making companies become leaders in their field through visual language consistency.

By putting brands in my 360º view process I’m able to come up with the best visual brand mapping solutions that connect their story with visual synergy.

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