Recently we pulled out all the motion controlled video gear to produce a promotional video, for an amazing lighting design installation by Digital Ambiance at their client site The Battery in San Francisco.

We were working for the production company Supernatural Factory, as the motion control video specialists, and were later brought in the for the editor of this architectural interior lighting video for Digital Ambiance.

When I say we pulled out all the motion control video gear, I mean everything. We had two seven foot slider rails with repeatable motors, for hero shots, and pixel perfect repeatability for compositing same scenes with different environmental lighting in post-production with After Effects. We used a three wheeled remote programmable cart with a pan/tilt head for most of the bar scenes. And last but not least, we captured scenes with three axis gimbals for the longer tracking shots to simulate really long dolly moves. Given the space and time this is how to really show off an architectural interior lighting video.

Architectural Lighting Effects

It’s always fun working, as a DP and Editor, on stories for really creative companies like Digital Ambiance, who are taking architectural lighting to the next level by creating lighting effects that are being seen for the first time. Their experience in the management of multimedia technology projects really shows in the results of this illuminating installation for The Battery SF.