Maximize your virtual reality production ideas with my 15 years of experience.

360 virtual reality media production is complicated. When you work with a VR Producer who has produced thousands of 360 degree videos and panoramas, you will be collaborating in a process that saves you time and mistakes. With my 15 years of experience in high volume VR capture studios and designing 360 degree media production lines, you will benefit from unmatched 360 VR production experience. More importantly your customers will remember a custom visual brand connected VR experience.

Interactive VR App of Laser Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics - Newport Corporation is laser manufacturing company. Showing demos of lasers and transporting them is a logistical problem and very expensive. We produced a interactive virtual reality app for their corporate VR marketing. The immersive VR experience was delivered with Samsung Gear VR and a motion controlled 3DTV. My involvement in this VR project was from the early stages of creative all the way through the app development and deployment. learn more about the project here.

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Life Sciences Product Demo

Take a special VIP behind the scenes tour and learn about how Milo is solving protein analysis problems so researchers can reveal new insight into proteins and their role in disease. I produced and collaborated with the corporate marketing team on this virtual reality experience from initial concepts to the the final multi-platform app deployment. Learn more about Milo in VR.

Digital Health Virtual Reality Content

Virtual reality content production for healthcare that utilizes three clinically proven methods. Mandalas, nature exposure, and patented audio produced together in high quality modular VR media. Experience calm in minutes. Patients who are in recovery start with high levels of beta brain waves. Experience relief without prescription drugs by spending more time in lower alpha levels of brainwave activity. Long term meditation is one way to get there. Mandala Health gets results with each fifteen minute virtual reality session. Learn More Here at

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360 Virtual Business Tours

Go on a 360 virtual tour of Chevron and inside a ExtraMile convenience store I produced for Y&R and Chevron. I've been producing 360 virtual tours since 2002. The image quality and walk around style navigation in this Chevron VR tour is one of the best ever thanks to a wonderful convergence of new equipment, stitching software, and tour code. This tour work seamlessly on desktop browsers, tablets, mobile phones, and mobile VR devices. Read more about Chevron VR Tour

Virtual Reality Education

Breaking down complex subjects into easy to understand learning and training modules are VR projects I really enjoy producing. By combining years of 360 media production experience with my classroom teaching experience (MA Technology Education, 2003) and you get a unique synergy in your projects. Infusing your VR app with the psychology of how people learn through technology will make your project last longer than the novelty of, hey, wow, I can look around. Read more about this project or go directly to

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360 Video Content Marketing

Explore a new revolution in corporate food services. Guckenheimer worked with me to produce this 360 video and GearVR app for trade show events and sales presentations. Taking a cafeteria on a sales call use to be impossible. Not anymore! This kind of 360 media has been breaking through all the metrics recently. 46% higher view count and 200% more people viewing until the end are just a couple astonishing metrics captured with 360 video and VR apps. Read more and see the 360 video content.

Automotive Virtual Showrooms

Starting in 2000 with Quick Time Object VR and then big time in 2005 I developed the interactive VR automotive buying experience for all makes/models of cars in North America and Europe. Dealer groups and portals enhanced the online car buying research experience and increased sales.

Click the play button in the middle of the preview to open the 360 VR panorama. Use the drop menu located in the upper left to change between all trim levels of this VW GTI in one 360 virtual tour experience. Make sure to view Full Screen too, with the navigation button on the far right.

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