Maximize your virtual reality production ideas with my 15 years of experience.

360 virtual reality media production is complicated. When you work with a VR Producer who has produced thousands of 360 degree videos and panoramas, you will be collaborating in a process that saves you time and mistakes. With my 15 years of experience in high volume VR capture studios and designing 360 degree media production lines, you will benefit from unmatched 360 VR production experience. More importantly your customers will remember a custom visual brand connected VR experience.

Stereo Interactive VR App

Spectra-Physics – Newport Corporation is laser manufacturing company. Showing demos of lasers and transporting them is a logistical problem and very expensive. We made a 3D 360º interactive app for their corporate VR marketing. The immersive VR experience is delivered with Samsung Gear VR and motion controlled 3DTV. My involvement in this VR project was from the early stages of creative all the way through the app development and deployment. See the 3D 360 app in mobile VR (Android/iOS) learn more about the project here.

Virtual Reality Production Company Article

Automotive Interior 360 VR Panoramas

Starting in 2000 with Quick Time Object VR and then big time in 2005 I developed the interactive VR automotive buying experience for all makes/models of cars in North America and Europe. Dealer groups and portals enhanced the online car buying research experience and increased sales. Use the upper left menu to change between all trim levels of this VW model in one virtual reality experience.

Click the play button in the middle of the preview to open the 360 VR panorama. Make sure to view Full Screen too, with the navigation button on the far right.

Digital Health VR Content Strategy

Mandala Health is a healthcare virtual reality application. The app is produced with a three proven strategies to lower brainwave frequencies; mandala art visualization, nature exposure, and ambisonic entrainment audio. The app is designed for pain management, clinical and psychological therapy, and awareness-concentration therapy for attention and distracted mind disorders. Utilizing non-invasive EEG and biometrics there is data feedback for monitoring progress. Mandala Health VR content delivers the benefits of the brain spending more time in sates of lower frequencies (alpha, theta, delta).

Virtual Reality Digital Health Content

360 Degree VR Video Education

Ecocity VR is a 360 video tour pilot produced for the non-profit organization Ecocity Builders. The VR tour is an ambitious low budget virtual reality production to help the non-profit’s educational goals. The Ecocity VR video tour is made of 16 360 4K videos, several 360 panoramas, 2D video hot-spots, and photography. All with scripted audio from live action VR captured on location in San Francisco over a few days.

360 degree video VR education

Confidential 3D 360 Video Production

Many of my 360 VR productions are produced for highly technical manufacturing. Semiconductors, lasers, LED lighting, are a few of the verticals I’ve worked in. These VR experiences are produced in both mono and stereo (2D/3D) 360 videos. With good production planning we create for internal training VR experiences and alternate versions for event marketing.

confidential virtual reality video producton

Interior 360 VR Panorama Tours

Bring online customers into your business or event. My 360 VR system gives you stunning realistic detail across all devices. These are compatible with mobile, VR headsets, tablets and web browsers of all sizes.

360 Video Marketing

Many business use 360 video for marketing. Over the past couple years 360 degree videos are getting a 80% click through rate. Maybe this is why I’ve done a ton of these corporate 360 degree videos. Read more about this sample in this article. 360 Video Marketing with VR