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Video Marketing with 30 Mind Numbing YouTube Facts

May 7, 2013 | Marketing, Video Marketing

Over on Jeff Bullas’s Blog there is a great post and info-graphic about online videos and social sharing. Use these facts and statistics to maximize your video marketing strategy through social media.

The shear velocity which successful video marketing accelerates is a bit mind numbing even for me. Videos are transferred and shared at the speed of light though the networks and connect us with other people in far off distant places like never before. It’s a duality. The statistics are mind numbing causing pause and a feeling of excitement just thinking about the video production possibilities.

Has technology brought us full circle? In a way we are all back at the campfire sharing stories. Except that now it’s truly a global campfire, and when you tell your story it has the potential to spread to every corner of the planet really fast.

Maximize Social Media Video Marketing with Visual Brand Connection

Take for example the pepper spraying policeman image. This was a local news story, but the world took that image and told their story at amazing speed.

Can brands become the meme of the moment like this? Has social media opened up global video marketing opportunities for you?

Read more at Jeff Bullas’s Blog.

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