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360 Redwood Trees VR

Jun 7, 2016 | Virtual Reality, 360 Degree VR Videos, Travel

All the recent buzz about virtual reality is great to see. I love shooting and producing 360 video projects, although working as a VR Producer for over ten years, I miss the super high resolution from 360 VR panoramas. The kind of images with life like touch and feel.

I’ve been out doing some high resolution 360 VR Panoramas with the notion of producing 3D models from 360 panorama image data, so that 360 VR panoramas are life like image data with room scale motion. These would allow you to move around within the 3D model in virtual reality.

Make sure to click on ‘full screen’ view, which is the third icon from the right. This preview looks dark and gray because it’s 30,000 pixels across and jammed into this little 600 pixel preview frame, so make sure to click on Full Screen.

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This Redwood 360 VR Panorama is made with 180 36-megapixel frames from a Nikon D810. There are three rows of twelve nodes stitched together to create the sphere. The goal for the creating 3D virtual reality from panoramas is to find a spherical 360 capture process that is high enough resolution and yet scaleable for high volume output. Somewhere between massive gigapixel images and low resolution Google Business view 360 panoramas from low end single capture 360 cameras.

All in all this test works rather well. I’m please with the 360 VR Panorama resolution and process. The only problem with a scene like this is the subject and sunlight movement during the time it would take to produce three of these for 3D data mapping.

Added Note: Look straight down and you can see the remains of an giant old growth Redwood. The ring shape of little stumps. These old growth Redwoods located in Joaquim Miller Park (Oakland, California) were visible enough for sailing ships to use as navigational landmarks as they entered the San Francisco Bay at the Golden Gate.

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