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360 Video Marketing & Importance of Evoking Emotion

Feb 19, 2017 | 360 Degree VR Videos, Video Marketing, Virtual Reality

Standard video clips are not being used as often any more. Brands are now looking at a 360° experience. A large number of digital brands including Facebook and YouTube have already placed emphasis on 360 video marketing, and it is capable of getting people to take notice. It is after a person feels the emotion of a 360 degree video that they then want to spend more time with the brand.

According to Marketing Week, some studies have shown that the average person spends an average of two minutes with the ad. This is quite a success when you consider the short attention span people have on mobile devices today.

Top Brands Making a Play for Emotional Messages

There are a lot of top brands who are using 360 video marketing campaigns to connect with their consumers and reach even more consumers. This is being done through TV commercials and social media campaigns.

It can be a long-term strategy when done properly. Cadbury and Sony are amongst the top brands who have been able to use a 360 degree video ad format in order to promote themselves. It’s been working, too. It gives their audience the “feeling” of something, whether it’s hunger, terror, or another emotion. When a person feels the desired emotion, it establishes the hook and the person wants to learn more about the product or service.

Traditional marketing has always been an “in-your-face” marketing tactic. Throughout the entire ad, there was never any doubt as to the brand and the product or service that was being promoted. 360° video marketing is not as pronounced. Instead, it is an immersive experience to get people to feel. Once the emotion is evoked, there is a simple announcement of the brand and product at the very end of the video. This allows people to see the connection and is more about capturing a feeling than selling a product.

360 Video is Better than Blogging

According to Blogspot, approximately 60% of social media marketers are using video as a marketing tool. This means that you have to consider using a visual tool when you are trying to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Blogging simply isn’t doing the trick anymore. It’s just words on a page and if a person isn’t reading them right or connecting with the message, the effort falls flat. This is what you need to avoid at all costs. 360 video marketing has the ability to capture the attention of an audience and ensure that the emotion is felt.

360 video marketing

How to Get 360 Video Marketing Emotion to Work for You

There are a lot of 360 degree videos out there and not everyone is going to work for you based upon what it is that you’re offering the public. You may want people to feel joy and associate your brand with joy. You may want people to feel fear and contact you in order to feel safer. There are so many options available – and 360 degree videos are gaining in popularity.

What played during the Super Bowl is a perfect example of how people have been able to become emotionally connected with a commercial. It’s no longer just an advertisement with a meaningless promotion. There are now ads that are tugging at heart-strings and evoke real emotions. An authentic online experience is at the very least getting harder to create, though 360 degree videos are making it possible, if done right.

Learn more about 360 video marketing by contacting Steven Poe today. There may be an array of opportunities waiting for you with this kind of marketing, and it’s a chance to learn how to tug at the emotions of your target audience.

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