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4 Mistakes When Using Online Video Marketing

May 20, 2014 | Marketing, Video Marketing

Online marketing videos are one of the best ways to drive business growth.

With more people than ever seeking out information, there’s a demand that needs to be filled. But there are four pitfalls all companies should avoid.


Not having a clear goal is a mistake to avoid. Whether that goal is to position your company as an expert, introduce a product, become a content curator or simply build an email subscription list, a goal is crucial to the success of a online video marketing campaign.


A second mistake that many businesses make is to try to fit too much into a video, making it too long. While people are seeking information online, they are also seeking short, digestible snippets of content they can quickly consume and understand. Having a goal in mind when crafting a video will help keep a video short and concise.


And as tempting as it can be to make your video in house, it’s not the best idea. While cameras and editing software are readily available and make it easy to create online marketing videos, it’s important that your video has a clean, professional look to stand out from the millions of other online videos already available. Putting aside a budget, no matter how big or small, will allow you to work with the right individuals to give your message the professional video production shine it needs.


Finally it pays to make sure that your company avoids copyright infringement. It’s important to pay for video, photo and music licensing to assure your video won’t be flagged for illegal use of these digital media assets. If you take the risk of using such video assets, you also risk your video being taken off of your video server, such as YouTube, therefore negating all the work you had put into it from the beginning.

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