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7 Best VR Videos You Can View Now

Jul 13, 2016 | 360 Degree VR Videos, Filmmaking, Video Producers, Virtual Reality

Virtual realty productions are in full swing all around the globe. New virtual reality production companies are formed everyday it seems. Around here near Silicon Valley and San Francisco there are VR Meetups almost daily. The last I counted there are 51 unique Meetup groups ranging the full spectrum of topics, styles and technologies.

I’ve been to over half of the VR Meetup groups here, and can tell you that there is a really good vibe among people eager to learn, share, invest, and get involved in virtual reality productions. Through workshops and conventions I see that the 360 VR production vibe is in many other cites around the world too.

Naturally my focus in virtual reality production is an extension of my work in the first wave of VR from 2005-2012 in the interactive automotive virtual showroom space. Adding live action 360 VR video is the next logical format for me. I test all the 360 camera rigs, and learn all the new 360 video post-production skills, as this new form of visual communication in video evolves.

Along the way I see many compelling VR videos. Here’s my list of the six best VR videos today.

Reimagine – Etihad A380 VR experience featuring Nicole Kidman

A-list actor and directors Atanasio + Martinezare almost guarantee a cinematic VR experience. What hooked me is the use of motion control camera moves from CamBlock and the beautiful lighting. Many VR videos are stationary cameras. The motion in this commercial VR video make it more immersive.

The 2016 Honda Civic – 360-Degree Music Video Feat. Moses Sumney from RPA Agency

This is a different kind of car commercial. There’s no information about the car, but the layering of Moses Sumney moving around the set and laying down new tracks is creative use of the 360 video format. The VR 360 video commercial does what a short spot should do.

Naive New Beaters – Heal Tomorrow from Solab Pictures

This is a seamless 360 music video that pushes many boundaries of current 360 live action virtual reality production techniques. Creative placement of live action in the zenith and nadir (top and bottom) are a wonderful surprise.

Step inside the Large Hadron Colliderfrom BBC News

This is one made my list because it fits one of my passion areas for 360 VR video, which is education. The location is a place most of us will never get inside. The narrative is delivered with motion graphics to teach us something new.

Great White Sharks Close Encounter

This is the only 3D or CGI video on my list. The sharks are very well done and just like with the CERN VR video it’s location is a place most of us will never be in, or in this case want to be in. The close encounter immerion effect really only works with mobile VR viewer of other HMD.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit from Universal 360°Attractions

There are hundreds of roller coaster virtual reality videos and 3D experiences. I had to pick one for this list. Roller coaster 360 videos make me want to watch the video multiple times using different angles and new directions. See the peoples reactions then see the ride.

The Future of Music – Surrealist musical universe from Phenomena Labs.

This 360 VR video gets really good around the one minute mark. It’s very creative visually and technically taking advantage of the 360 format. The perspective is you as the interviewer in the middle with humans as instruments.

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