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7 Video Marketing Tips for Sustainable Business Growth

Jun 11, 2020 | Video Marketing

Congratulations for being curious about how these video marketing tips will help you with long term sustainable business growth.

You’re an expert in you your market niche. The competition is there. No worries, the moat you’ve built will keep them at a great distance. Building a scalable business was frustratingly hard work. That’s paying off now, so you can afford to focus more on profitability. Let’s get started.

Supercharge New Videos Weekly

Learning never stops, and neither should your exploration of different video mediums for variety in video marketing. Keeping your content marketing channels fresh with one video per week will pay off with consistent results.

Publishing new videos every week keeps fans revisiting your channels. Over time you’ll rank with top-level SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) too. High SERP rank reduces advertising expenses. SEO is not dead when it comes to the value that videos add to your outreach. Depending on where you are starting with video marketing, some ad spend will boost distribution to the targeted audience.

If you are thinking that time and money are limited for putting these video marketing tips into action plans, consider this. Video landing pages increase conversion over 80% (Hubspot Content Trends Q3-2017)

video marketing tips

7 Video Marketing Tips for 2020

1. Introduction Videos Make a Great First Impression

Create a solid foundation for your brand with your personality. Show and tell your story. Thirty seconds to one minute of video is worth a half a dozen pages of text. Quick, personalized videos are a great way to share a thought or idea with your audience. Personalized introduction videos on LinkedIn do exceptionally well with down to earth video messages.

Resource for introducion videos: Loom

2. Make Social Videos Interactive

AI and Chatbots engage in real-time with your prospects and customer base. One of the most effective (high ROI) techniques is utilizing the prospect’s profile info (name, location, etc.) to personalize a video or GIF animation in real-time. The more people live and work remotely, the more they reach out to interact with businesses and consultants online. Be the brand that’s interacting 24/7 where and when prospects are ready.

Resources for social videos: Clever Messenger or more advanced Rasa

3. Captivate Attention with Animated Videos

You don’t have to be a budding Disney animator to deliver your message in 2020 and beyond. There are many cloud-based animation video services available to illustrate your ideas. Low-cost animated videos help you mix up your visual media style. Quick animated videos help stay on target for weekly video marketing goals.

Resources for animaed videos: Animaker and Powtoon

4. Maximize ROI with Explainer Videos

When you are marketing a simple product or a complex piece of software, an explainer video can do a better job of telling your story. Explainer videos surpass time on page of blog posts and traditional webpages in terms of user engagement.

The most critical elements of explainer videos are voice quality and type font. The voice must be engaging with high-quality audio recording. And the font must be easy to read since many people watch your videos without the audio turned on.

Resources for explainer videos: Fiverr and Explainer Video Templates

5. Give a Sneak Peak with Behind the Scenes Videos

Peel back the curtain to attract more business opportunities. Behind the scenes, videos build trust and reputation by giving viewers an exclusive tour of your business. Who doesn’t want to feel special and included? Use this style of business video to show that you and your business value transparency.

Resources for BTS videos: Behind the scenes video templates and our 360 VR video behind the scenes case study.

6. Brilliant Infographic Videos

Capitalize with facts and data that showcase your solutions. Demonstrating that you understand your customer’s problems with infographic videos is undeniably good for new business.

Numbers, graphs, and infographics speak loud and clear very quickly. Be careful, though. Video statistics can get incredibly dull, really fast. Hook the viewer in the first 3-7 seconds.

Infographic video resources: Lumen5 and Infographic video marketing examples

7. Brand Story Videos

Build brand loyalty with a story video. Proper use of a story format helps people remember your brand longer.

The results are even better when your business mission and values are aligned.

Write your customer’s and prospects’ aspirations and inner/outter philosophy into the story as the hero. Then show how your business is the guide to help them get there.

Brand story video recources: Video Marketing Strategy: A Buyer’s Journey is the Hero’s Journey and How 10 companies use video for better brand storytelling

Sustainable Business Growth with Video Marketing

Have you noticed how some companies appear to predict the future? It’s because they’re on the leading edge of their industry. Utilizing these video marketing tips and the resources provided are a surefire process to communicate the value your business has to offer now and in the future.

Let me know how these benefits of video marketing for your business are helping.

Next Up: Use this free video marketing ROI calculator.

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