Multimedia Producer

Viual Media Productin & Distribution

Senior Creative Director + Photography Director + Virtual Reality Producer + Commercial Campaigns

When you choose to work with me as your multimedia producer, I take your idea and make it tangible. I also solve complex problems. The production process is tedious and time consuming, yet it’s only one part of your campaign responsibility. You have to deliver on that responsibility with no excuses. I understand this and make it easy for you–maybe even rewarding.

My scalable teams and I enable marketing directors, film directors, production houses, and small businesses to heighten their storytelling through frame animation, visual effects, audio, and live action production.

Our experience in visual media production and passion for helping you tell a compelling story is the key to a truly immersive presentation. We offer a wide menu of creative and production services.

I’ve worked on projects with budgets of a few thousand dollars to help local small businesses communicate their value. I’ve also worked on long-term investor driven campaigns of over two million dollars. I’ve even convinced myself that I have mastered jetlag from many redeye long haul flights to Belgium, Brazil, India, Los Angeles, Detroit and back home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Attract more fans with multimedia, time-lapse, and video productions. We produce high-quality media for everyone. A creative and efficient production process is our guarantee.

Do you need more experts and influencers to see your finished online video? Contact us today to find out about our special sauce.