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Awe-Inspiring Architects Are Dreamers Creating Reality

May 14, 2013 | Architectural Photographers, Architecture & Design, Timelapse

One of the many aspects I like about working with architects and designers, as a architectural photographer, is that they are dreamers. Similar to filmmakers their work starts with a dream of how life could be different, and in most cases improved upon. Although unlike a filmmakers contribution, architects use the landscape as their canvas. I imagine that towards the end of a successful career it must be remarkable to look out over a cityscape and admire how they have transformed a societies canvas. Did they paint their masterpiece? The University of California Berkeley Energy Bioscience Building is a masterpiece. SmithGroup JJR’s design team created the interior design, exterior architecture, and all master planning to make this LEED Gold certified building. The physical building is a true model in sustainable design with natural ventilation, passive solar, and right fixing of salvaged material among a few of the many sustainable building components. The interior design elements support progressive social working environments for cross-functional teams in shared work spaces, informal meeting zones, and subtle aesthetic elements. The sustainable physical environment is eloquently integrated with the social aspects to support the important work of the ten year, $500 million, Energy Bioscience Institute, where over 300 scientists will be working on research to solve global energy challenges. When all three come together (design, utility, purpose) this is a architecture masterpiece. Rollover this image to see a day to night hyperlapse transition of the building with a nice long timelapse tracking movement. With my architectural photographer hat on, I think that structures and spaces need to be seen with different styles if motion visuals like the hyperlapse technique used here in addition to the traditional high resolution still photography. When I’m producing visual media, I always try to help clients see the importance of producing from a transmedia approach. Digital marketing is multi-channel, so why not produce videos and super high resolution photography for print at the same event? Your visual media marketing efforts are the pigments of your brands masterpiece.

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