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Tropical Storms in Paraty Travel Photography

Apr 24, 2013 | Timelapse, Travel

This first blog post on my new website combines two of my favorite things to do; travel photography. One of the places I frequently travel to is Paraty in Brazil. I recently spent the end of 2012 and brought in the the beginning of 2013 in Paraty. It was unusually hot there this time. In Rio de Janeiro, which is about four hours away by car, there were 90 year historical heat records made. Add to the heat some 60-70% humidity and it’s really hot.

The bonus came every afternoon with some fantastic electric weather storms. Some days the storm clouds would brew for hours on top of the surrounding rain forest mountain tops and then come rumbling down to our little coast side haven with fierce down pours, thunder, and lighting. Weather transitions are excellent for travel photography and even better for timelapse.

This is one of the travel photography storm photos. Rollover and touch the icons to interact with the photo. Click on the ‘play’ button to see a couple timelapse stock footage videos from the same scene. Do you see the rainbow?

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