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Car Photography for Jaguar Land Rover Invests $25 Million in Lyft

Jun 13, 2017 | Commercial Photographer, News & Events

Jaguar Land Rover Commercial Photography

If you read technology news you might have seen the results of a car photography project I did a couple of weeks ago. The news hit the wire yesterday and these photos spread at internet warp speed across the publishing world.

The reason for the press announcement is that Jaguar Land Rover will invest $25 million in US taxi app Lyft to test upmarket ride-sharing services and driverless cars. It’s also a deal where JLR will lease vehicles to Lyft to use in its existing network. Imagine that, your next ride comes to pick you up in a Jaguar without a driver in it!

Photographing cars in direct sunlight normally goes against my car photography rules. Four busy executives and new car availability have rules of their own that took priority over lighting. Most of the success of making these automotive photos is in the pre-production planning. Andrew Brudinicki did an amazing job with the location scouting. Profoto strobes, black duvetyne, and plenty of half grid diffusion made this come together rather quickly.

Client: Jaguar Land Rover & Lyft
Agency: Havas Formula
Account Executive: Shaun Melady
Producer: Andrew Brudinicki
Production Assistant: Nina Jordan

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover
car photographer

If you missed seeing this in the tech news and want to learn more about the deal check these articles, or check out more of my car photography.

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