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Captivate New Customers with Commercial Automotive Video

Jun 9, 2016 | Automotive Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Video Marketing, Video Producers

Working as a DP (director of photography) for GG Films Director, Dan Griffin, I did the camera work, lighting, and motion control rigging for this Holland Car Care marketing video.

The commercial automotive video captures were all completed in one day on location at Holland Car Care.

Motion Control Commercial Automotive Video

As you can see from my other commercial automotive videos and photography, I love rigging motion control video rigs to get visually interesting points of view. The day at Holland Car Care was perfect for video camera rigging on ceilings, inside engines, under cars, on cars in motion, tracking dolly moves, and the occasional hand held.

Commercial automotive video for online marketing and advertising would be rather dull without Dan’s amazing ability to get people to feel natural and talk candidly on camera. The testimonials weave the story together and the images support the narrative in a brand connected marketing video spot.

photo of commercial automotive video director of photography.

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