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Content Performance Issues?

Jul 19, 2013 | Marketing, Video Marketing

Joe Pulizzi is the founder at Content Marketing Institute, Author of Epic Content Marketing, Speaker & Entrepreneur. He recently posted this article on LinkedIn that besides the catchy headline has some great substance to helping what so many businesses are trying to figure out now. I call it the constant content flow.

While the interweb democratized marketing, advertising, and promotion it’s also thrust the vast majority of small and medium size businesses into producing a constant stream of marketing content. Business are now responsible for the creation, distribution and tracking of a the constant content flow. The value add is obvious, although it’s much more of a time investment than the broadcast media model, where companies paid ad and PR agencies to do the work.

There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that this whole content marketing thing, even though hundreds of years old, is still relatively new to marketers. After all, who told us that we’d actually have to be content publishers at some point in our marketing careers? – Joe Pulizzi

This is a quick summary list of the performance issues I’m certain all marketers fall into. Including me. No one can say it better than Joe, so I encourage you to jump over and read the full article.

  • You have no plan
  • Your content is all about you
  • You’re setting the bar too low
  • Your content is owned
  • You operate in silos
  • You don’t have calls to action
  • You are not niche enough
  • You execute inconsistently

High quality new media can and will get you laser targeted results no matter what your product or service is. This is where we come in. More and more I find myself communicating this in client meetings. Because of the way we create and produce digital media – from a true multimedia perspective – you can receive sill photos, short frame animations, and video all from one production. Having the same subject in various digital media formats allows you to drive a strategic time released campaign. See this previous post about Social Marketing Flow.

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