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Copacabana Beach Photography Panoramas

Jan 23, 2014 | Travel

This post has some of my travel photography panoramas, with a different look on Copacabana beach photography in Rio de Janeiro.

Since I grew up in Brazil, I find all the recent media coverage about Rio and the games (2013 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics) interesting. I mostly use Rio’s airports as an entry point into Brazil. Then I travel to my favorite smaller coastal villages. On this trip I decided to stay a couple days in Rio de Janeiro to see what all the media hype is about and work on some stock photography. These soft tone and soft color pallet wide format panorama pictures are the result.

Copacabana beach travel photography panoramas

travel photography panoramas of Copacabana

Travel Photography Panoramas

Copacabana Beach Travel Photography Panoramas

Copacabana Beach travel photography panoramas

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