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Get the Most from Your Video Marketing Budget

Apr 16, 2014 | Marketing, Video Marketing

YouTube changed the way we interact with the internet. Instead of seeing short videos that took forever to load, YouTube brought everyone’s ideas into everyone’s living rooms around the world. As the third most popular website on the internet — behind only Google and Facebook — it stands to reason that businesses and corporations would want to take advantage of that to get the most bang out of their corporate video marketing dollars.

1. Corporate videos that “go viral” can be the ultimate event in your company’s life.

A popular video will get the brand known (mind share), and allow you to associate the brand with targeted qualities in the minds of millions of people.

2. Communicate complex ideas to a wide audience

Let’s face it. In the global economy the increased competition means everyone is running on the hamster wheel all the time. Given the fact that we are visual creatures combined with being pressed for time a good video will communicate to a larger audience faster and more effectively. Despite all the other hard work you have invested in copyrighting, technical manuals, and Slideshare the corporate video is the first line of engagement.

3. Gain market share among social media users

YouTube has millions of users. Every video has share links to other social media websites. You can now embed your engaging company video anywhere without the capital expense of media servers. Posting on YouTube will also help with your overall SEO (search engine optimization).

4. Set the record straight on a issue

Online video is infinitely repeatable, so a touching human response to an issue, or rumors about your company, is one of the fastest and most effective ways a company can defend itself on the public stage.

5. Learn about your customers

The comments section below each video can be a treasure chest of insight into the pulse of your customers. Compared to broadcast and print advertising your corporate marketing communications feedback loop has never been so fast and measurable. Plus you can now interact with existing and potential customers to dive deeper into understanding them.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how we can help your corporate video marketing get the most out of its social media marketing dollars, please feel free to contact us or to reach out on twitter!

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