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Video Marketing – How To Get Your Clients Addicted

May 3, 2013 | Marketing, Video Marketing

This article on SteamFeed by Cheri Plett makes a great connection with speaking to your customers needs and solving their problems instead of just a pure sales pitch about your offering. Apply the strategies here to your video marketing.

This is true solution selling. The blog article takes it step further and makes a connection between keeping your customers happy through learning. Generally people will remember you, and your brand, if you truly help them learn something new.

Educational video marketing increases dopamine levels.

Dopamine is that chemical that’s released in your body during pleasurable activity. It is also released in the brain when you learn something new. Dopamine can be thought of as the “save button” in the brain.” Wow!

Add teaching to your video marketing. Your customers will love you for learning something new. Start by searching for these terms- instructional video, training video, and DIY video to ramp up your video marketing strategy. There are some great ideas on simple DIY videos here on Darby Smart to get you going.

If you want to learn more about how to design habits into your video marketing campaign and products read Nir Eyal’s book Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products, and his blog Nir & Far.

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