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KR Market, Bengaluru Pete Timelapse

Jun 13, 2013 | Timelapse, Travel

One of the places I like to go when traveling in Bangalore, India is the KR Market. It’s perfect for timelpase videos. This open market can be a extremely busy, crowded, vibrant and an overall chaotic sensory experience in the heart of the Garden City. I recommend going early in the morning, because it’s a fascinating time to see all the fresh vegetables and flowers arrive for the day.

No matter what time of day the KR Market is not everyone’s cup of tea. I find the KR Market to be delightful for travel photography. Maybe it’s because of the contrast it provides to all the shinny new cars, and beautiful architecture I normally point lenses at. Or maybe because it’s gritty, raw, and real. Either way I can see how for a westerner that doesn’t travel much how Bengaluru Pete could be a real shocker.

The shock goes both ways though. Every time I’ve been I’m most likely the lightest skinned person walking around. One time a couple boys reached out to touch me very cautiously like I was a space alien. Kind of a poke in the arm to see if I was real. I suppose with all the shinny travel photographer gear I looked a little strange. The stainless steel Gorilla Pod definitely adds to the illusion.

Timelapse video of KR Market – Scroll to bottom of Page

All in all though it’s a interesting market with just about everything you could imagine. Many of the hard goods seem to come from a time capsule. And despite the initial shock from the shear mass of people, there is a tranquility that becomes apparent after settling in and seeing that this too is just humans going about their business. This perception of tranquility among chaos could be coming from my indulgence of Paan the stimilating preparation of Betel Leaf.

This is a bit of my travel photography, from my visits to the KR Market. Be warned. Some of these travel photographs could be considered rather gruesome with blood and guts, or an epicurean delight depending on what side of the table you are on.

Please click on the photo to see full size without cropping. Scroll down to the bottom to see a nice timelapse photography video of the vibrant flower market area.

Timelapse Stock Footage from Bangalore India.

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