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Mashup Media Generation is Interactive Media

May 28, 2013 | Marketing, Video Marketing

The mashup media generation is interactive media. Mashup media is about integrated digital media containing any or all of text, graphics, audio, video, and animation, which recombines and modifies new and existing digital works to create a new interactive media experience.

From ad agencies like Victors and Spoils that consist of a core team, who then crowd-source everything else globally, to Adobe moving the software most of the creative industry depends on to the Creative Cloud, it’s all getting mashed together.

Adobe’s published ‘vision’ for the Creative Cloud business move is

to remove friction from the creative process and make it more productive and connected.”

We were all connected before the Creative Cloud. Adobe is catching up with product to help. Mashup media and transmedia are the new methods to interactive media.

The work over at Art, Copy & Code has everything to do with Mashup Media. Watch this video, then click replay and watch again. This is a dynamic video experience that changes every time it’s viewed based on the viewers IP and web trends. Think of this in marketing as connected objects for an audience of one.

Another excellent example is clothing brand “Only”, where interactive media video is supremely shot in cinematic style with a story. The viewer can click anywhere within the movie timeline to pause and get product information from the items in the movie scene.

Are your video ads ready for this? Interactive media videos with strategic product placement is TV 2.0, when the interwebs finally mashup with television.

You didn’t really think Google is laying gigabit fiber optic for free did you?

We can see a similar path in publishing of photography media too. Stipple and ThingLink are taking publishers by storm with dynamic metadata links built into images shared freely across integrated media campaigns. Other uses can add links within image too, so the photographs become a living visual media source of information, e-commerce, and brand awareness delivering maximized data analytics to the marking director.

How will you use Mashup Media to develop modular advertising designs, and interactive media with crowd sourced creatives to produce interactive video and images?

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