Media Production Services

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When it comes to investing in media production services, what do you value? Is it a strategy designed for your situation? A media production professional who truly understands you and what you want to achieve, and will partner with you over the long term to help keep your media production and campaign on track?

When we work together, you get all of that and more. I work with you to create a personalized creative, production, and distribution strategy with advice, experience, and resources to help you reach your objectives.

Creative Strategy

A special recipe to implementing the steps that will ensure and support your business’ growth. Tap into our vast network of talent from script to launch.

Video Production

Artistic story driven visual media production services that ignite emotions. Emotions drive actions to help you reach your strategic goals.


Meticulous project management to meet your objectives. The most successful video campaigns start with the best treatment.


Pre-production and production synergies gel together for you to realize multi-channel content requirements. Editing and motion graphics are the icing on the cake.

Firm Partnerships

Setup a content retainer with us. Imagine having a dedicated media production services team without the management overhead. Retainers increase consistency and reduce costs.

Audience Research

We take a deep dive into what makes your audience engage and where they are. Making sure your fresh new video campiagn stops the scroll.

Campaign Design & Strategy

Your audience objectives are our top priority. Shining light on the special sauce that makes your product or service like no other.

Audience Analytics

We measure your video campaign KPI’s daily and report weekly. Drive real value with audience strategy, relevent video, and a targeted campaign.

360 VR Producer & Director

Our media production experience empowers marketing professionals to create immersive experiences that solve communication objectives across a wide range of industries.

  • Commercial virtual reality interactive content
  • 360 virtual tours
  • Pre-Production Planning and Consulting
  • 360 Video Production (stereo & mono)
  • Interactive & Motion Control 360º Media
  • VR App Development & Deployment
  • Live ambisonic audio capture and spacial sound design
  • Cross-Platform and Accessible: Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, GearVR, Mobile VR Android iOS, HTC Vive, Web VR

Maximize your ideas with my cross-functional teams. We have delivered VR Apps for marketing events, engineer training, automotive sales tools, executive sales launches, digital health, sustainable urban planning education, and technology education.

Video Distribution & Marketing

Have you had that empty feeling after spending your valuable marketing budget on an amazing video or photoshoot? The thrill of creative, production, and working with a great team has ended. Now what, you must ask?

There are millions of videos and other media content uploaded every day – that never get seen. 

I can solve this problem for you. Part of my media production services is making sure businesses reach their target audience to achieve their campaign results. 

With a proven content distribution system that is backed by a powerful team of digital marketing experts, I’ll get you the metrics that matter most – signups and purchases. Contact me for a discovery call and let’s see how we can help.

Commercial Photographer

Be first in line with your target markets mind share. My easy five step process gets you visual brand connected commercial photography and video. My teams and I are location photography specialists. As you can see from my commercial photography Automotive Portfolio I’m not bad in the studio either.

  • Motion Control Video for precision framing and story evolution
  • Commercial & Advertising Photography
  • HDRi Time lapse Expert
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Large Format Panoramas

Media Production Services

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