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Sublime Motion Control Video of Redwoods Revisited

Sep 17, 2016 | Commercial Photographer, Timelapse, Video Producers

In this blog post I’m revisiting my motion control video production from 2012. There are not as many video production tips in this post compared to my regular articles. It’s mostly a blast from the past and me boasting about the success of one of my motion control videos. My first Redwood video was published almost four years ago. Unfortunately Vimeo didn’t support 4K videos back then, so Redwood I came out in HD. In December 2015 Vimeo started streaming in 4K. Lately there’s been a big increase of views and stock footage inquiries, so today I’m re-publishing Redwood in 4K UHD.

Motion Control Video Equipment

In 2011 the motion control video equipment I was using was a mixed bag. I had Kessler Crane, Ditto Gear, Dynamic Perception, and Emotimo systems. The clear winner. I’ve written frequently about how great Emotimo is. Three axis motion control made simple, lightweight, and for tough environments. Most of the moves in this Redwood video were made with an early version of the Emotimo. I now use the Emotimo Spectrum for all of my motion control video production. (new post coming soon!)

The Press and Social Media Love It

The Redwood video is featured in a ton of articles and short films. The range of subject matter surprises me. Everything from forest therapy in Japan, Joanna Macy videos, and news coverage about drug dealers poaching Redwood burl for cash.

Russians Love & Hate It Too!

Over in Russia on Emosurf the mighty Redwood video has 25,000 finished plays and around 186,000 loads in recent months. I don’t know if its the comments or the Google translator of the comments, but the comments are both amusing and intriguing. Apparently the Redwood video production is achieved with superimposed layers and artificially made tree branches. Passion projects and personal work are always surprising. Where the videos and photographs will lead is unknown. My learning and experimenting with motion control video in the Redwoods was just that. A fun personal project to improve my motion control video production skills for commercial video clients. The technical skills come easy to me. What’s really valuable about this process of going into the unknown is being completely comfortable within it. Being one who delivers creative visual media consistently no matter what the obstacles are is what I recommend looking for when hiring your next commercial video producer.

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