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Free Audio Library for Multimedia Production

Oct 2, 2013 | News & Events, Resources, Video Marketing

The ‘multi’ in multimedia production means, as a multimedia producer I do everything for clients. Starting with the script and visual brand connection. Then all the way through production, final edits, delivery, and archiving.

Finding audio tracks for online videos, multimedia, and short film productions is typically the most time consuming part of the multimedia production process. Researching appropriate music and sound effects takes time. If there is a committee approval process at your business this may add more time and expense. I suggest narrowing the audio selection down to genre, tempo, and mood.

Where do I find audio tracks for my videos?

YouTube now offers a music library to download background music for your videos for FREE! This is a very clever move by Google, and a great free audio resource for those quick post videos or background tunes.

Look for the Free Audio Library within your YouTube account/Video Manager/Creation Tools.
Free Music Library

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