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Video Production Tip for Making Your Video Less of A Production

Aug 11, 2016 | Video Producers, Filmmaking, Multimedia Producers, Video Marketing

Are you in charge of keeping a stream of engaging visual media content constantly flowing? This one video production tip can save you thousands and months.

Every business is being thrust into video production with content marketing. Increasing touch points is the name of the game. It requires producing a high volume of visual media content. And not just any willy nilly content either. Now that we have the global bandwidth for videos, and billions of people have a mini production suite in their pocket, the visual literacy level is increasingly higher.

Visual Brand Connection Enhances Brand Experience

If you’re one of the fortunate CMO’s or VP’s of Marketing that have their own in house creative department you’ll already have a DAM (Digital Assent Management) archive setup. Right? If you’re a smaller firm that works with various freelancers this might not be the case. You have a bunch of hard drives and cloud accounts with all your expensive and valuable content roaming.

Either way here’s the hot video production tip. Produce a video campaign with existing assets. It’s faster, costs less, and can help you keep that visual media content constantly flowing. Mix creative writing with excellent editing and a few motion graphics. And boom. You have a new video marketing campaign.

This is a brief standard commercial video production outline. The video production elements not needed by this video production tip are crossed out. See how much time and expense that saves?

PRE-PRODUCTION Producer Concept & Storyboarding Script writing & editing Casting Calls Rehearsals Location Scouting Location Permitting Crew recruiting and Contracts
PRODUCTION Talent fees Crew Fees Location Fees Insurance Catering Travel Equipment Packages
POST-PRODUCTION Asset Management Motion Graphics Editing Voice Over Recording Music Licensing Audio Mixing

In January of this year I produced a video campaign for the Jewish Community of San Francsico. Using this video production tip. The video campaign is for 2016 summer camp enrollment. The video production scripts were written in house using JCCSF’s excellent market data and survey results. The video messages use real customer inputs from previous years. Voice over was recorded with real camp counselors. All the footage and animated photos are from the company archive.

Being a commercial video producer and director photography I always want to create new amazing footage for businesses that call. I understand that not every campaign needs exquisite new footage dripping with luscious light and dynamic camera moves. My goal, as your visual brand connector, is to maximize your ideas with my experience in creative services. Hopefully this hot video production tip can extend your constant content flow a little bit longer.

Have a look at how I used this video production process to produce Swinerton Builders 125th anniversary and recruiting video.

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