360 Video Marketing Ideas

Corporate Food Service Reaches More Viewers

About the 360 Video Customer

Guckenheimer is a corporate food service provider that offers clients across numerous industries cafeteria management and catering services that are fresh, unique and delicious.

Guckenheimer contacted me to talk about their 360 video marketing ideas and help produce their first virtual reality experience. On the phone I instantly got that they see things differently.

Guckenheimer has a new way of thinking about food, a solution not seen before in corporate food services – Eating together can create a bond, a friendship, a partnership. They’re special sauce is designing an experience to inspire these bonds and create moments for creativity.

The challenge for sales people out in the field co-creating and building relationships is how do they showcase the fresh innovations in cafeteria management and catering services?  Building and traveling to showrooms is expensive. PowerPoint and traditional video are good at transmitting information. What about those core Guckenheimer differentiators – a bond, a friendship, a partnership?

This 360 video experience was originally produced for the Samsung Gear VR with interactive hotspots and other features. You can see it here in “magic window” mode or click over to the Vimeo site to see in MobileVR mode.

Use 360 Video Marketing to Engage Emotional Memories

Working with the very passionate Guckenheimer marketing team we helped align their script with 360 compositions and how to enhance the unique psychology of virtual reality.

We then spent a couple weeks in pre-production visiting locations and meticulously planning all the details to keep the actual VR production to one day on location.

Dynamic camera movement was key to showcasing the variety of food choices and presentations offered by Guckenheimer. In the last scene at the ultra modern Aruba Cafe the Mantis camera dolly takes us all the way through the cafe to show off the different of food islands. During the forward motion in VR we maintain the narrative in spatial 3D audio around how innovative and healthy the Guckenheimer food is. The innovation hero in this VR experience is Jackfruit Tacos.

360 video production team photo
360 video production
360 video production on-set