360 Virtual Tour

Chevron Extra Mile Store

360 Virtual Tour Production Deliverables

  • 25 20,000 pixel wide 360 panorama photos
  • Virtual tour application development for WebVR, MobileVR, and Samsung GearVR.
  • Mobile/Remote live 360 video on-set for producers and team
  • Lighting and merchandise placement for best production value

About the Customer

Chevron Corporation doesn’t need much of an introduction here. In case you’ve been in deep VR space for a long time Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies and is involved in virtually every aspect of the energy industry.

The convenience stores at Chevron fuel stations are branded as ExtraMile Stores. There are 330 company-owned and 390 franchised Chevron ExtraMile stores.

Chevron corporate has teams of merchandising, training, advertising and experienced business consultants to help guide store owners with all aspects of the program and brand alignment.

360 virtual tour of chevron store

Visit the 360 virtual tour here Chevron ExtraMile

360º Media Production

The challenge is how to demonstrate a model store to potential ExtraMile franchise owners and retail customers? 360 virtual tour photography with a WebVR app solves this problem. Super high resolution 360 panorama images and virtual tour compatibility on any digital viewing device delivers the model store to a wide user base.

One of the viewing objectives in the initial creative brief is that the 360 virtual tour plays on WebVR (all desktop browsers), tablets, phones, and all mobile VR devices like Google Cardboard on iOS and Android .
This 360 virtual tour is similar to a Google Business View on the surface. Similar in that the navigation has GPS navigation style arrows on the floor. The similarities stop there. Google Street View and Business view fit a extremely high volume and very low quality virtual tour business model.

As you can see in this 360 virtual tour, the resolution is such super high quality you can read the fine print in the packaging. There are no editing stitch lines. The color correction for accurate visual branding is spot on. The attention placed on all the merchandise packaging has some extra special treatment, which is a tall order in a space with this many products. The app we delivered is resolution on demand, so that the device screen size is recognized and full resolution images are only delivered when viewing a particular area. This way the processing is light and the 360 images look amazing on a 4 inch phone or a 60 inch display.

There are 25 20K pixel wide 360 panoramas in this 360 virtual tour project. In addition to producing the 360 panoramas, I also had a live 360 video feed on a remote controlled rover for the director and producer located outside in a beautiful Mercedes Van with all the client comforts. This was one solution to keeping just a few people on set to avoid being seen in 360 and the constant “ducking” every few minutes for four hours.

The Team

There was a great team that made this 360 virtual tour a success.


Carrie Holt – Brand Manager
Aneja Raj – Interactive Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Y&R Labstore

Greg Auer – Executive Creative Director
Maria Sidereas – VP, Account Director
Mike Weirzbicki – VP, Creative Director

Collective Media

Derek Goldsmith – Producer
Steven Poe – VR Director & Editor
Matt Green – Line Producer
Ijah Garfield – Assistant Camera
Chris Galdes – Gaffer
Englert – Stills Photographer
Becky Barron – PA
Mariana Urban – PA
Joe Gunter – PA

Visit the 360 virtual tour here