Virtual Reality Product Marketing

Shorten Sales Cycles | Save on Equipment Transportation

Virtual Reality Product Demo

Laser Manufacture Saves On Euquipment Transportation Costs

Spectra Physics came to me with the goal of having a interactive stereo 360 VR app. They wanted a virtual reality immersive experience to solve their complex marketing communication objectives.

People buying laser manufacturing equipment already understand the features and capabilities. How does a marketer differentiate and get a prospects long term emotional connection that will last throughout the long sales cycle?

Innovative marketers understand that we’ve left the Information Age. Saturating a prospect with data won’t get them to remember your brand. We’re now in the Experiential Age.

Experiential Virtual Reality Develops A Long Term Emotional Connection

Interactive stereo 360 apps like this one for Spectra Physics are a complete joy for me to work on. My passion for producing interactive stereo 360 VR really gets fired up when starting with a blank canvas and collaborating with a innovative corporate marketing team to create a complete new-to-market immersive platform.

My team of talented contractors and I consulted and delivered on all phases of the interactive stereo 360 VR app.

  • Pre-Production : creative, storyboard, location selection, contractors, equipment, planning
  • Production: live action 3D 360 video, live audio, voiceover audio, lighting, stereo videography of lasers
  • Post-Production: stereo 360 stitching, stereo compositing of laser videos, color grading, building the Semiconductor 3D room, sound design, codec file optimization for GearVR and 3DTV deployment.
  • App Development & Deployment: GearVR, 3DTV with Motion Control, and companion mobile VR apps for iOS and Android.

Real Results with 3D 360 Virtual Reality

The success of the interactive stereo 360 VR app was measured at the first trade show in California at SPIE 2017. The Spectra Science booth had six swivel seats with Gear VR’s and a full sign-up sheet for three days. Overheard at the show from scientists to executives was that the 3D VR experience is much more engaging and informative compared to standing around display hardware.

Building on the VR marketing success in California we translated VR app to Chinese. In the Spectra Physics booth at Laser China the VR app was viewed by 390 people over three days. That’s an average of five prospects per hour getting a up close personal demo of company products.

The Laser VR App is now traveling to the next VR marketing stop at Laser Munich from June 26-29, 2017.

Virtual Reality is still immature technology and not everyone is game to try it. This is why, for now, VR marketers and their companies are seen as cutting edge innovative. There are social and vanity boundaries too. To solve this we setup a 70 inch 3DTV with branded 3D glasses and Leap Motion Control, so people could still see and interact with the 3D 360 video content. Many of the 3DTV viewers later signed up for the head mounted display VR experience.

The Spectra Physics interactive stereo 360 VR app is best viewed with a Samsung Gear VR. If you would like a Gear VR demo please contact me. For a quick less immersive VR Experience, get a Mobile VR app at the store links below.

apple app store logo for 360 video app

3D Composite in 360º Delivers Feature Product Immersion

One of my favorite techniques I used in this interactive stereo 360 VR app is 3D compositing. The problem I often encounter as a VR Producer is that not all environments and products lend themselves to full 360 composition. Especially if the product is small like a laser. One technique is to use existing 2D video footage composited on the walls to enhance the story.

Another more effective technique is to create the 360º degree scene in 3D or from 2D photos and composite stereo footage on the walls.

In this Semiconductor laser scene the footage on the walls is all stereo videography we shot on site the same day as the live action 360 degree videos. As you can see, these scenes by themselves wouldn’t be much to look at in 360. In stereo on the walls the videos add more content to support the narrative and much more 3D immersive depth.

I urge customers not to rely on the novelty factor of VR (it won’t last) and to fully embrace 360 composition by planning for content approximate every 90º. Using this technique accomplishes what I call a 90º immersive composition rule and it can often be accomplished at a lower cost compared to live action stereo 360 degree video capture.