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Oct 5, 2016 | Video Producers, Commercial Photographer, Marketing, Video Marketing

Video production for real estate video marketing delivers powerful results. Julia and Victoria are twin real estate agents serving San Francisco and Marin County in California.

If you have read my other blog posts on video marketing you know that the first video in a online video marketing campaign is logically a introduction video. The introduction video can also be a trailer or sizzle reel if you already have footage and some content marketing archives to work with.

Five Videos Every Company Needs

  1. Introduction or Trailer
  2. The Facts, Demo, Information from the Expert
  3. Testimonial, Customer Success story
  4. Q&A Video
  5. How To, Explainer or Walk-Through

You want your company to get attention. The problem is your company is not alone. The challenge is the same for all business in video content marketing. How do you get your message out? Your best marketing tool right now is video.

Real Estate Video Marketing

To introduce Julia and Victoria I first developed the concept and created a storyboard. The concept is to show transparency about their lifestyle and rich knowledge of the markets they serve. The viewer gets to learn a bit about them as real people and see that they live and work in the real estate markets markets they do business in. Choosing a real estate agent is about trust. Transparency and relating to lifestyle helps develop a connection and the will to learn more about them and their business. The title messaging in the video comes from the client. I don’t think the pitch language matches the story, but it’s what they want.

Real Estate Video Production Process

After storyboarding, and meticulous pre-production, we set out to shoot the video. There are ten locations in this one minute real estate video. We shot seven of the locations in one day. In my video producer experience I’ve learned that accurate storyboards and pre-production are the key to lowering production costs. Accurate pre-production planning allows us to be lean, agile, and quick for each shot. It’s also how to produce the five videos in a online video marketing campaign without breaking the bank.

The real estate agent video was captured in 4K video and finished in HD. This allows for frame flexibility in editing and better resolution. Being able to move the 4K frame around in HD makes for better composition with the split frame effect.

The footage and the music were edited in After Effects and DaVinci Resolve. One minute video spots are often harder to edit than longer videos. The timing is more critical. For example, in this video there are several subject screen wipes that might not register consciously, but are super important to the directional flow of the edits.

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