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What Is Your Social Media Video Marketing Flow?

Jun 10, 2013 | Marketing, Video Marketing

Producing compelling video and multimedia is one piece of social media video marketing. You get that. But then what?

It’s like building a stellar website that drips with style and enthusiasm which makes people line up for your call to action. If they can’t find your website then all that style isn’t dripping the goodness that it’s meant to be.

The same is true for social media video. Especially now where according to Cisco –

…online video viewing is the number one way businesses are being found and by 2015, 90% of internet traffic will be video content.

That’s both good news and bad news. The good news is your audience is growing by leaps and bounds. The bad is they are being saturated with the message “Look at us”.

To get your social media video seen there needs to be a distribution workflow strategy. Think of it as a timed release where you are optimizing videos for every major social network to engage each audience perfectly.

Have a look at this post, from Adjust Your Set, on Social Video Marketing, and an excellent Social Video Marketing Workflow.

While your there, I suggest downloading their informative video strategy white papers too.

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