Top Five Reasons to Choose Us!

In our new media culture, we scan rather than read. Your customers make judgments and decisions faster than they know. For better or worse, your customers have decided in a second if your brand is a “Like” or “Don’t Like”.

1. Video has become the dominant medium for communication.

Will your message be read online through pages of text? No, not unless someone is completely interested. In a 3-5 minute video you can tell your story much faster and more effectively across international lines of communication. We have international production experience to make your next video get made.

2. Your video is your public face to the world. Make sure you don’t have pie on it.

Can your business afford to join the user-generated quickly shot and thrown up on the interweb type of video? You want to rise above the noise with a video producer, or a video production company, that can learn your goals quickly and be able to interpret those goals into a message that calls people to the action that your business needs.

3. Your Customers Want to See You

We live in a visual culture. Advertising and media studies prove that viewers spend 50-75% more time on viewing ads that are 66% or more image area. All your other painstakingly hard marketing work culminates in the image you leave with your customers. This is much more than budget saving and buying pixels. There can never be a replacement for the training and wisdom that comes from the love of making visual media.

4. He Said, She Said

In the end you pay for what you get. Myself and my associates offer you many years of reputation. With a large digital and social media footprint, I make it easier to trust us with your next production. Check my testimonials, contact my network on LinkedIn and Twitter, or call if you want specific references.

5. Experience Matters

High production value is one piece that you expect and we deliver. Drill down deeper and you will quickly see that we systematically work on all levels towards improving engagement. Board room presentations, job sites, knee deep in mud, or 24 hours in the editing cave, we know how to go into the unknown and get your visual media produced on time.