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All-Inclusive Camera Stabilizer Eliminates Camera Movement

Jan 9, 2014 | Equipment, Resources, Video Producers

Making motion pictures has always encountered the challenge of how to make a camera movement through space and record the way we see.

Normally, when we see shaky motion, it appears unnatural to the eye.

Not including modern Michael Bay style or Blair Witch Project of course.

Elaborate camera tracks, dolly’s, wheels, jibs, and rails have been the main solutions to camera sake. Now enter modern technology with brushless gimbals.

Gimbals are a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object. In this context a perfect camera stabilizer.

Adding modern digital technology too all three motors and advanced software brings high production quality to filmmakers with vastly improved video camera stabilizer ability.

Gone are the big heavy gimbal motors and $20,000+ price tags.

As you may have noticed, much of my commercial video work over the past few years has been with advanced motion controlled pan/tilt heads, rails, and keyframe driven timelines from eMotimo, DittoGear, Kessler, and Dynamic Perception.

camera stabilizer

Use a Camera Stabilizer for Sublime Ciematic Camera Movement

The equipment for camera movement advances with camera stabilizer gimbals and eliminates the need of some motion control shots.

The past couple months of shooting hand held motion with a gimbal camera stabilizer is opening up a new world of creative opportunities by providing freedom of movement.

I am currently shooting with a BeSteady One rig. The video above is the maiden voyage out on rough uneven terrain moving at different speeds with a rather unpredictable subject.

We also shot a narrative film last week with longer lenses (85mm f/1.4), which I’ll post soon.

Click the button to see Fray For All – a video web series we produced with this camera stabilizer.

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