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Uncovered Video Marketing By Numbers for Success

Oct 1, 2013 | Marketing, Video Marketing

Learning how people engage with online video marketing and who they are is a moving target. It’s like balancing a marble on a sheet of glass with one hand, not impossible, but challenging in a constantly shifting multi-dimensional space. Fortunately for online marketers there are many freely published resources to improve your skill of mastering the video marketing puzzle. Hopefully you are doing this before that pre-production meeting. These are some great resources I want to share with you to help with you video marketing planning.

Why Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

According to Getty Images, who has teams of brilliant people analyzing video trends, for good reason, the main five videos your company website needs are:
  • Brand documentary video
  • How-To Video
  • Expert Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Product Demo Video
Read more from about Why Your Brand Needs Video from Getty Images.

Video Channel Rankings

It’s not news anymore that the online video numbers are staggering in terms of minutes of video consumed and number of ads served. The important point to filter out here is that many of the online video data stats include the transition of television to streaming internet, so not all of this is B2B or B2C video viewing. That is what we care about right? This is an important distinction for corporate and small business marketers jumping into social media video marketing, or better yet, a well planned transmedia time released campaign. ComScore has released some fresh data as of August 2013. USA Online Video Rankings 2013

Video Viewing Trends Map

Knowing your market is obviously really important in communicating your brand effectively and not wasting valuable resources. Understanding the who, what, and where of online video video viewing by volume can be useful in developing content. This data is also interesting at times too. For example, as of this writing, 13-17 year old females in Northern California have 14 million views of a fireman saving a kitten, and in New York the same age females are watching Miley Cyrus lick a wrecking ball. Lean about online video viewing trends by USA location, age, and gender, with the YouTube Trends Map.

Inspiration From Top Video Ads

Brainstorming ideas for effective on brand messaging starts with inspiration, which comes from many places. One place is looking at the most shared video ads, multimedia, and social media videos. Watch with an open mind and don’t let the content of highly shared videos highjack your own idea generation process. This is a great place to start The Top 20 Global Online Video Ads For September 2013 by ReelSEO

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