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Video Marketing Case Study: Success of multiple YouTube videos

May 27, 2014 | Marketing, Video Marketing

Let’s face it. Embarking on a corporate video is a big step for a lot of businesses: companies know they need it, but what assurances do they have that they’ll receive a decent ROI on their YouTube video marketing project?

The digital landscape is filled with a lot of start-and-start video projects that should’ve never been made and ‘launched’ in the first place.

Translation: customers and prospects will go elsewhere if the YouTube video marketing content is weak and shabbily produced.

Studying how successful companies have executed their YouTube videos, for example, can provide a starting point for that ramping up your video marketing.

How Will Your YouTube Marketing Videos Be Used?

YouTube video marketing campaign concept.

First of all, it’s important to agree on just how the video(s) will be used. Take a look at the format of this company’s YouTube video page: they understand the power of video across the whole spectrum of product introduction, application and training, and events.

Each of those aforementioned categories are further expanded upon with video clips to help users navigate specific products. In short, this company doesn’t just rely on a single corporate video, but covers a range of applications on their YouTube page:

  • Feature video
  • Relevant product uploads
  • Recent product development to solve problems
  • In depth videos on select product lines and their purpose
  • Training videos covering key products
  • Trade shows: show clips of corporate participation globally
  • Applications: Unique product-solving videos

A very important element to any successful video strategy is ‘search engine optimization,’ (SEO); this, to make certain keyword searches will bring your video topics to the top of the rankings, and ultimately to the YouTube pages.

Contact us and discover how our professional approach to video production can help move your company to that next level: the one where you push the competition off the top search pages.

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