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Gripping Virtual Tour Statistics You Need for Winning

May 18, 2020 | Virtual Reality

Online Virtual Tour Marketing is Lucrative

The alluring nature of virtual tour statistics for repeatable business growth is undeniable.

  • The ROI for 360 virtual images is less than four weeks.
  • Virtual tours influence a 16% growth in Google Search and Google Maps appearances.
  • Search results favor 360 virtual images with a 2:1 preference for thumbnail display on Google.

Those are just a few of the underlying virtual tour marketing statistics. In this article, I’m going to show you a few remarkable benefits of virtual tour statistics that are rarely shared.

The Uphill Grind for Attention and Time

Propper audience targeting and crafting your offer message to hit a bull’s eye makes even Sisyphus weak in the knees.

The most precious commodity we all share in common is time. 168 hours per week is all we get. That’s it.

Why waste all that time, expense, and energy on a landing page that doesn’t keep your prospects there long enough?

Keeping visitors on your page longer is one of the hardest things to do as a digital marketer. See how that works? Providing value goes both ways. By giving your prospects a valuable experience, you’re earning their time and growing from your time investment. Boom! Sisyphus is rolling downhill now.

Are Virtual Tours Effective? Three Statistics from Real Data

High Through Traffic Visitor Flow

Be in the know about visitor flow with virtual tour analytics. Look at these virtual tour statistics from one of our 360 marketing applications. How often do your static landing pages get 87% through traffic?

virtual tour statistics

Astounding Average Time on Page Metrics

These virtual tour statistics show how to keep people on your website 5-10X longer! When have you seen – average time on page – give you so much opportunity? What are the costs of not having eight-minute average times on-page and a record-breaking 8.5% bounce rate?

virtual tour statistics time on page

The Key Ingredient for Boosting Your Customer Experiences

Hotspots are essential areas within a virtual tour to power-boost your virtual tour marketing goals. Use hotspot content that gives more to your prospects, depending on your objectives (engagement, information, sales leads, e-commerce). Leveraging existing traditional media (video, photo, animations, forms) are a smart play here.

By boosting customer experience with valuable branded hotspot content, we’re also reaching the goal of more time-on-page. Then we can measure these virtual tour stats and learn which hotspot niche areas your prospects are viewing most to optimize the virtual tour marketing ROI further.

virtual tour statistics high conversion

Multi-Channel Magic Window Opportunity

The best virtual tour productions deliver results on via desktop web browsers, tablets, mobile smartphones, and virtual reality headsets like Oculus Go and Quest. The virtual tour statistics provide data on which device your prospects are using. Virtual tour viewing device data is another layer of valuable insight and a bold opportunity.

What if you could schedule meetings and demonstrations within a 360 virtual tour

During and post COVID-19, the Zoom call fatigue problem is growing in business communications. Businesses who are ahead of the curve are meeting within 360 virtual tours in real-time.

Call us to find out how.

Driving traffic to your website is only the first sep. Keeping visitors there is the next level in growing your audience and business.

If you want your website visitors to stay longer than a nanosecond, they need something to DO when they get there. Virtual tours are an amazing way to create a backlog of interactive content to keep them engaged on your website.

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