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5 Ways Virtual Tours Increase Marketing ROI

Dec 5, 2018 | Virtual Reality

Virtual tours get big green check marks on every marketing best practices list. Everything from re-purposing content investment for multiple goals to flexibility in messaging. Plus a few new analytics advantages. 360 Virtual tours are made from 360 videos, 360 images, audio, lead generation forms, and any kind of content strategically placed within the 360 virtual tour. Once the virtual tour is created it will work across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, and VR headsets). Visualize that potential reach!

1. 85% Increase in Bookings with Virtual Tours

360º media is more engaging which gives you more time to make your prospect laugh, cry, freak out, FOMO, or otherwise create an emotion tied to your irresistible offer. Emotions drive thoughts and decisions. There’s also a profound psychological affect with previewing a place before actually going. Non-public facing businesses can win too with VIP tours behind the scenes. (Google My Business virtual tour statistics 2018)

2. Maximize with Multi-Channel Content

Make your content serve multiple goals. Taking the time to invest in the strategy of a virtual tour can yield a years worth of useful content that can be repurposed across all channels.

For example; 2D video edits from 360º video and 360 photos is a really hot visual style known as ‘over-capture’. Re-using existing branded content within the virtual tour as ‘hot spots’ is also a cost saving method.

Hotpot content is easy to update too. Much easier than re-shooting and editing a full video series.

{Click Image to Enlarge}360 virtual tour marketing map

3. Bright Spots in the VR Market

Virtual reality is in a public relations slump. According to Gartner’s hype cycle for “Human-Machine Interface” in 2018 we are on our way out of the “Trough of Disillusionment”.

Can you really afford to wait? With every marketer under the sun adopting video as their delivery method of choice – interactive 360º is a proven method to rise above this noise.

Virtual tours are like putting your toe in the water with virtual reality. If you take the time to reflect on the enormous value outlined in #2 above you can quickly see how to maximize your marketing ROI now while creating a roadmap for increasing virtual reality in your marketing mix.Human-Machine Interface-Trough-of-Disillusionment

4. Message Hacking Virtual Tours

This may be obvious. The message and the creative you use to deliver it influence the impact of your marketing. Getting the right message to the right people can drive a significant increase in ROI effectiveness. Interaction effects of 360 media marketing can inform the best combination of messages across a customer’s journey, so marketers can optimize to deliver the right message at the right time for a specific targets path.

Optimizing in a 360 virtual tour can be a simple as changing out a voice over audio clip or adding a lead generation form at the right time. The heat maps and other data points collected in virtual tours help inform other channel optimization too.

5. Video is Going Live & Personal

Connecting with prospects with authenticity and the ability to build a community of like minded people can’t be overstated.

Including a vlog (video blog) in a virtual tour keeps prospects and existing customers coming back for more. A live broadcast in 360º puts everyone virtually in the same room.

Live and personal in 360 can be as simple as featuring news and events. Turn the 360 dial up past the limits by adding sponsorships, product placements, and native advertising and you have all new revenue streams!

Now you can see how a virtual tour campaign creates high levels of engagement on your offer plus a whole content production pipeline for multi-channel distribution. While you’re ideas are spinning check out some case studies here or schedule a strategy call.

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