Resutls Driven Conceptual Photography Art Direction

Every new project is a challenge and great way to learn about a new business vertical. Learning about new areas and solving visual problems is one of the key reasons I love this vocation, as a photography director.

NeuroFit is one of the more exciting areas I’ve had the good fortune of learning about. When Cindy Reynolds of NeuroFit Marin called me for photography director services to illustrate the process she developed called “Cross-Train Your Brain”, and the use of QEEG Brain Mapping technology, I was all in.

Does Your Photography Director Understand Your Business and Visual Brand?

We started off with a in person meeting to get a full view of the business communication objectives, target market, and for me to understand the actual process for the NeuroFit Marin customer. After the initial meeting, I do tons of research on the industry and the business competitors. For this NeuroFit project, I really went into some exciting areas like Neuropsychology.

“Brain Fitness at NeuroFit is a simple process of training the rhythmic pulses of your brain’s electrical activity (brainwaves) to increase the power and flexibility of your brain to function more efficiently. Just like you train certain muscles in your body for physical fitness, you can train specific brainwave frequencies for mental/emotional fitness.” Cindy Reynolds

Illustrating electrical pulses running through your brain is a fairly easy photography direction to make. The problem is showing the benefits of the NeuroFit brain fitness program this way doesn’t make for a very convincing marketing and emotive photographs. I realized most of Cindy’s competitors had gone this route of showing brains and people with lightening bolts and wires coming out of their heads.

I pitched the concept of showing lifestyle photography, with emphasis on the positive results of the NeuroFit brain fitness program. This way potential new customers, who might be understandably timid of scifi electric pulsating machines attached to their brain, can visualize and feel how they will be after the brain fitness program. For example; what parent doesn’t want to see their children achieve better test scores and learning abilities in school?

It was really fun producing these images and learning about neuropsychology. In fact this project has me really keen on combining virtual reality sequences from 360º video for healthcare, therapeutic, and neurologists applications. So if there are any neurologists out there reading this, who are using immersive imagery, within the virtual reality (Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, HTC Vive) space please get in touch.

Photo of NeuroFit-Brain-Fitness-Young-Child

Photo of NeuroFit-Brain-Fitness-Young-Teen

Photo of NeuroFit-Mind-Fitness

Photo of NeuroFit-Body-Fitness-Soccer

Photo of NeuroFit_Body-Fitness-Football