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Use 360 Video Marketing with VR for Influencer Authority

Jun 2, 2016 | Marketing, 360 Degree VR Videos, Video Marketing, Virtual Reality

Nexxworks VR Marketing with 360 Video

At Nexxworks they are convinced that digital is only the beginning of a massive societal and professional shift. They believe that many companies are not armed and ready for the disruption this will entail. That is why they are passionate about infusing radical innovation in incumbents to help them thrive in this age of networks. Peter Hinssen is one of Europe’s thought leaders on disruptive innovation and a Partner at Nexxworks. He is obsessed with networks as the most fundamental driver of progress. He wrote about them in ‘The Network Always Wins’. He speaks passionately about them in his keynotes. Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of all things digital on society and business. “We help you INNOVATE for the day after tomorrow” – with a promise like this what better way to use video marketing than with 360 Video?

8% of all US smartphone users say they already regularly consume 360 video VR content.

The Google cardboard viewer isn’t the greatest VR experience, but it’s accessible and easy. Add a branded cardboard viewer shipped to customers for free, who wouldn’t watch your live action 360 video? Plus Nexxworks customers come from all over the world. Giving them a immersive experience within a spectacular San Francisco vista on top of the Four Seasons ignites participants enthusiasm of attending Peter’s programs. We fit right in with Nexxwroks ‘day after tomorrow’ lean startup methods. Our production team, location permits, and coordinating best lighting with Peter’s schedule all happened less than 24hrs before the shoot. We got lucky with some beautiful sunrise light and no notorious San Francisco fog. I only wish we had more time with Peter, because producing several 360 degree video at other locations around the city would make for a better 360 VR video experience. This is the fourth 360 video marketing production we’ve done in the past eight weeks. Call me today to learn more and get a quote.
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