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VR Production for Education and Training

Sep 28, 2016 | Virtual Reality, 360 Degree VR Videos, Video Producers

In this VR production article learn and see samples of how virtual reality educational tours are enhancing learning and training.

VR and AR for education and training is one of the best use cases for this innovative new media. VR production is ready to implement now. I believe AR will have an edge over VR in the long term, but why wait until then?

Over the past year my VR production company has developed 360 VR video trainings for corporations. For one customer, the virtual reality video training we produced was so successful the company funded a complete 360 degree video training department.

90% of What We See and Do is Retained

VR and AR in education are improving learning experiences and the ability to retain information. Virtual reality technologies engage people in a completely new way. When learning is more fun and engaging it increases retention.

One of the principle systems that was hammered into me during my masters in technology education (shhh, not many people know about that) is the seven styles of learning. With what we’re seeing in VR production for education now, I think there will be have to be an eighth style of learning.

  • Visual (Spacial)
  • Aural (Sound)
  • Verbal (Speaking-Writing)
  • Physical (Sensations)
  • Solitary (Goals, beliefs, values)
  • Social (Interpersonal)
  • Logical (Reasoning/Systems)

Hippocampal activity patterns code for future goals

VR and Ar are not just for academic learning either. Industry training is improved through repetition of tasks. Frequency of interaction in VR records it in our memory. The benefits of training before expensive real world mistakes are very high.

Stanford Universities VHIL – Virtual Human Interaction Lab – is researching the dynamics and implications of VR interactions among people in immersive virtual reality simulations.

Relative to our VR production for training purposes VHIL has this study that I find fascinating for VR production and eventually AR too – Mental representation of the future is a fundamental component of goal-directed behavior.

Virtual Reality Tours for Education

There are several larger AR and VR production companies I admire, who are currently working on innovations in both AR and VR production for education and training. These are some of the best samples in augmented reality and virtual reality for education so far. A good sign of things to come.

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks from Google Arts & Culture

Go To Virtual Tour

Learn about art, while traveling through Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

Apollo 11 VR from Immersive Education

David Attenborough’s First Life VR from Alchemy VR

Lifeliqe is AR for Education. Over 1,000 interactive models for K-12 STEM subjects from award-winning Corinth Classroom.

World of Comenius was launched at Mendel Grammar School in Opava, Czech Republic

Headline Photo Courtesy of Patrik Kavecký

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