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Wood Table 2.0 – Product Photography

Jun 10, 2014 | Product Photographers, Architecture & Design, Product Photography

Wood table 2.0 is from recent commercial product photography we produced on location for Ba Design. Located in Oakland, California Ba Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in the creation of contemporary architectural furnishings, furniture and spaces.

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Commercial product photography wood furniture
product photography designer furniture
Commercial product photography wood table

These beautiful wood tables are made from the shipping pallets. The kind of shipping pallets we often see laying around warehouses or stacked high behind retail stores. I didn’t realize that shipping pallets are made from hard woods. Brandon Adams of Ba Design works his magic to bring out the natural colors and grain patterns of the wood. Adams has made a full product line of exceptional furniture from discarded pallets.

Producing commercial product photography on location has it’s challenges for large objects. Dark wood grains with a mix of glossy and textured surfaces all require different qualities of light to have the material reproduce it’s natural visual qualities. Often there is little control of the available light on location, so our specialized lighting has to compete to get the material quality product photography deserves. In this case the furniture is so large and well made (heavy) it makes more sense to use our alternative product photography techniques to get the desired image quality on location.

Speaking of wood and furniture. This is an interesting video that our work has been featured in.

Wood 2.0 Featuring Redwood Stock Video Footage.

Learn more about Wood 2.0 from More Mas and watch their video.

WOOD 2.0 from WOOD 2.0 on Vimeo.

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